Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning:  lovely.  but no pics!
breakfast was yummy.
Got the turkey in the oven around 10 to sit down for lunch around 2pm.  Just like my Mom and  Dad did all my life.
Ate, it turned out so lovely.
I rested a little bit and then got up to make American Potato Salad for my BIL's BBQ that evening.
Went to the BBQ and Ali got sick.

Christmas evening:  awful.  got pics.

Ali ended up in the hospital for around 5 hours.  Poor Amu.  She was so tired.  My husband was also sick and both are now on antibiotics.  We got home around 4:30am or closer to 5am and settled the kids into bed and began the disinfecting of the house.  I got to bed at 6:30am and woke up at 10 for an appointment.  I have been scrubbing the house since.  Now, I'm off to have leftovers.  Well, later.  The culprit?  Hard to say but on Christmas Eve we had KAY EF SEE.  Never, NEVER again!

We need to get better and the house in tip top shape for my friend's visit from the USA.  This will be glorious!

Merry Christmas!


Jackie said...

Wow! I hope every one is feeling better soon. Not a terrific way to celebrate the holidays. Could you explain what that is that they ate?

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

merry christmas and big hugs to ali

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope that everyone is feeling better by now. Big hugs....

Alia said...

Thank you ladies:

Jackie: My hubby, Ali and I had a dinner box from KFC. I immediately felt ill and spent a bit in the bathroom. Had stomach cramps but I dealt with it and carried on. Amal, my daughter, had the runs in the evening also and got over it. My husband felt ill but had been feeling ill already? Ali was fine...until the next evening...

Isra: Thanks, I'll tell him.

Lois: Hubster went to play golf and brought home McDonalds, so he must be feeling better! Ali has taken it real easy and has had a bit of a hard time today what with running to the john and I have done two loads of laundry of his alone if you get my drift. Kind of a drag but hopefully, he will be better tomorrow and better the next day!