Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two quilts basted and an adorable kitty!

Uki took over my ironing board!  Just look at that face!  I was in the middle of working too!

It is imperative that I show the entire ironing board!  Her back legs are like ready to jump!?

Then this morning when I was working; I kept looking in her little bed for her but then when I went to grab my third quilt top; something moved and I jumped!  Uki was in my pink fabric cubby!  Awww....

I took the kids to a local club that houses the coolest Arts and Crafts Center.  I had the kids help me baste my two quilts.  I could not do the third because I knew I did not have enough quilting basting pins and I decided that I wanted to make more rows or blocks to make it bigger.  Here is Amal helping me out.  

Ali took these photos and he did a really artistic job.  I think we over basted it but better safe than sorry!

I just like this photo Ali took.  Hey, I still have my summer tan!

I forgot to take pictures of the second quilt.  Here they are both after being basted.

And here are the kids with them!  We locked up and then went out for dinner!  Tomorrow, I will be baking and packing Ali for his first trip EVER away from me!  He will be going to what they call Adventure Oman and he will be camping out.  I have his EPI pen (2) and inhaler and Zeet pills in case he is bitten by an insect.  He has a horrible allergy to them.  Send prayers our way that he has a great time without any dramas!  Please and thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hugs, mom. I hope Ali's trip goes well. I'm peeking at your stash and see the cutest fabric with little bees on it. My oldest stepdaughter would adore that fabric. She's a beekeeper.

Have a great day!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Great job A&A! Good luck ali and have FUN!
Alia let me know if you are over this way anytime as I would love for you to pop in and say hi.

Alia said...

Lois: Ali says thank you as I do! Aw, a bee keeper! I'll look and see if there is any information on it to identify it!

Isra: Amal and Ali thank you too! Ali is so excited but says he will miss me and gave me the strangest look when he told me that! Aw, bless my taller-than-me-now baby boy! I'm nervous for him!

I would love to come and see you and the baby and the kids! Wasn't sure how to go about it. My kids get out of school this week, how about yours?