Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Learning Tanbura

Here is my daughter learning another song (three in total) called Tanbura for a performance.  The place is buzzing with so many musicians gearing up for that one big night.  This took hours to upload to you tube, don't know why.  It is 4:22 long so this will be the only thing I post.  Let it download and then watch it as it is a 'busy' video.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ok.  So I posted another picture!  This is another day with W the Qanoonist and A with the drums.  I can only see my A but I think another girl is there.  The man standing is the director and he has an ear!!!  OMG!!  Of course, he would HAVE to as a musician and running the place; but he heard everyone's pieces and where they went wrong IF they went wrong!  Anyway, in the end both the two men sitting performed with the girls.  So cool!


Anne said...

What an interesting instrument with such a unique sound! And your daughter is GOOD! I'm totally impressed! Wow. :)

Jean said...

Your beautiful daughter plays with such grace, concentration, and confidence... Much like the american bluegrass artists.

Is that you giggling in the background?

Julia said...

Beautiful and talented young lady.
Thanks for sharing the video.
Take care!

BintElOud said...

Awwwwwe shucks :$$$$ Watching the video again, I don't know how I understood him, but I did :D That picture is horrible though =.= Thanks Anne, Jean and Julia for those lovely comments! ;) Check my blog for more performances and oud related stuff :D