Friday, October 21, 2011

Misty Mystery Quilt....FINISHED!

A long time ago, I'm thinking almost a YEAR??? I joined in on a Mystery Quilt.  I had done 2 before and knew that I would enjoy this!  As I attempt to fill the house with seasonal and themed quilts; I searched the market and to my surprise found a bunch of American Patriotic fabrics!  I'm a bit particular but these appealed to me.

I first posted about this project and made the first clue here.

The first date I can see is December 13, 2010.  Yikes!  I started late too!

Anyway, about a year I had to make this quilt and save the first clue; I did it all in two weeks!  The last two weeks!  So, get a cup and enjoy the show!!

Here I got into PDO to use the craft room to use their huge tables for easier-on-my-back basting.

I'm just showing you how I used masking tape to tape down the backing.  I pieced it together and am really pleased as I used everything from what I had bought so long ago.

This fabric with the hearts above was given to me generously by Sylvie before summer.  It was'nt quite enough so I had to figure it out!

And here it is!  I took the left part which was the Mystery part and it just screamed AMERICAN FLAG to me so I tried my best to make it so.  The only reservation I have is that the stripes are too short.  They should be wider in my brain.  But, I used what I had and that was not enough to make it longer.  Still, all-in-all, I am very pleased with it!

When I finished and was sitting in my car; after the shock of getting over the fact that I ran out of basting pins and was on my way to Jean's to get more to finish basting at home....I saw this view.

and just sat there watching the little white boat sail right by.

I did not bother taking the masking tape off and inadvertently; sewed some in, while quilting!!!

Uki, of course, had to 'help' me and was checking out those very cool pins!

I pre-wound 5 bobbins and only used 3.5!

I decided that since the quilt in itself was SOOOOOO loud in many ways; I did not need a difficult quilting pattern so also, with the time restriction, I chose to do a large meander!

I also chose blue thread.  I am glad that I did.

I had a little basket I made with leftover French Braid fabric and my Bose with iPod on my iPhone and was jamming along as I quilted.

When I was ready to do the binding; Uki plunked down and scared me so bad I took a photo and yes, before i closed the blade.  Look how cute she spreads out her back legs!

So, as I cut off the raw edge of the red bit; I threw it on her and she eventually started flipping all over the table!

Here is the binding all done.  I used what I had.  What I wanted was to have the binding be all blue with just a strip of red but in the end; used red and blue and a strip of the red/white/blue fabric which worked out so beautifully!  Love it!

As I was putting on the binding; it poked myself!  Ouch!

Uki found the left over batting and made herself at home!

Here it is, all done!  I'm so pleased!

Here is the backing of the quilt.  I did not have enough of the blue heart flag fabric so I used what I had of the other stuff to piece it together.  I like things to be asymmetrical and realized that my husband DOES NOT!  HOW did that man end up with me??  The only thing he said about this quilt is, ok, two things..."Why haven't you made a wall hanging for that spot?" and "What is that on the back?  Is that a design?  Of WHAT?????!!!!" LOL!!

After the kids were done helping me to photograph the quilt; Amal threw herself down on it and proceeded to have a long discussion with me.  I tried to bribe her to measure it for the final measurement and she eventually did so but I forgot to write it down!

All folded up and ready to be taken in, in a few minutes!  It will be displayed with all the other Mystery Quilt participants and then a Viewer's Choice will be done!

As always, thanks for stopping by; it has been a while.  I have been busy with this but I should be getting some professional pictures of my daughter and will post on that.  THAT is what kept me away for so long!  Come back soon for sure!

PS.  I missed linking up to Amanda Jean's over at Crazy Mom Quilts linky party for FINISH IT UP FRIDAY, WEEK 1; so I entered just in time for week 2!!


Jean said...

oh wow, That is beautiful!! I love it! And I love the flag interpretation. perfect. totally perfect!

Oh, and that shore-side view -- simply gorgeous!

Anne said...

What a beautiful quilt! I live and have lived in the US all my life, and I have never made a patriotic quilt!
I think we have the same bernina, how on earth do you quilt an entire quilt with that tiny little throat area? I have a love/hate relationship with my bernina!!!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Great job Alia. Why is it a Misty ... Mystery quilt? Nice patriotic and nice for a guy too which is not always easy.

Amy said...

Very nice! I'm a big fan of patriotic quilts.

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Jean: Thank you! I really enjoyed this! It's so nice to have a vision, and it be successful! The views here are breath taking. Oman truly is a beautiful country! I haven't even BEEN to the uber cool places!!

Anne: Thank you so much! It's time you did! I have an Aurora 440 QE. It was hard but I broke it down in my head in sections and it worked; and I have a really cool table that I kept most of the weight on. It hurt my hands more than my back this time!

Isra!!!: Thank you! Hi to your Mum!! I would love to see her! That is the name that Pam gave it. No real meaning I think. I can't wait to see all the pics this morning. If you can't make it; I will be posting on the blog I set up. Come by.

Amy: Thank you! I'm glad you approve! I was excited about the idea and as you read; you know my insecure area but I think it is working!!

Elena said...

Muy bonito, Alia.¡ Y muy patriótico!
La verdad es que es una idea muy original y te ha quedado genial.
Me voy a hacer seguidora de tu blog para no perderme estos trabajos tan bonitos, y que sigas practicando el español con mis comentarios, jajaja.
Si te haces seguidora de mi blog estaré feliz de tenerte por ahí.

TööT said...

What a nice quilt story. And your cat seems to like quilting too. Love your post.

Mrsblocko said...

Woah! That quilt is impressive. I love that you made it patriotic. I'm amazed it only took you a year. It probably would have taken me 12!

I also love your pin bowl and your fluffy white "helper".

Heather said...

It looks fantastic! Great job! And how would we ever manage to finish a quilt without the "help" of our kitties? lol

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Elena: Muchisimas gracias por pasar por aca y ser seguidora. Voy hoy o ahorita para seguirte tambien! Un placer bien grande y mi Dios sabe que necesito practicar! Mi Papa me llama la "Gringa" cuando voy a los EEUU a visitar porque se me olivda el Espanol!

TooT: Thank you so much for stopping by! This is so cool that you are in Finland is it? This internet is truly amazing! Glad to have you over!

Mrsblocko: Thank you also for stopping by! I had about one year to DO the project and save the first clue; I did the rest in TWO WEEKS! I usually don't do anything that quickly! LOL!! The bowl was my first time using that, oh I forgot the name; TIMTEX! I think that is right. I love it!

Heather: Thank you so much! I just love our kitties to bits! Uki is so much fun. I can't stand it! I have decreed a new LAW in my house! My bedroom door is to remain SHUT at all times. Therefore, Uki will come hang with me. Otherwise, she loves my bedroom and I hardly ever see her!! LOL!

Starwood Quilter said...

I love your quilt. It's absolutely gorgeous!

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Starwood Quilter: Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I peeked at your blog just now myself! Lovely and very interesting!

Starwood Quilter said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. It is so fun to communicate with quilters all over the world.
Here is the introduction to my blog, which I hope explains my project.

amandajean said...

what a fantastic finish! i can't believe that it only took you 3.5 bobbins to quilt it! my larger quilts take 12 or so. yikes!

thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!