Sunday, October 2, 2011

October brings good things...and random thoughts...

Who knew that at my age, my life would be derailed!??  So, here are a few things that are good things...

1.  My Papi's (Dad) surgery went well.  His ticker is good for a while longer!

2.  My Mami (Mom) is traveling to visit her brother's sister and help her in her pre-school in Texas for a few weeks.  This is the first time in their lives that there aren't any husbands or kids around!  I know they will so enjoy themselves and I love Marie (we don't address her as aunt; her hubby is my Mom's brother).  However, my sister and I love her to bits!  She is great!  That makes me so happy in my heart that my Mom will be with a friend/family.

3.  I have shaken a very bad habit the last day of September.  I am sorry to be so vague.  I have to be.  Just trust me; it was damaging and I removed myself from it.  Once there is distance, one can usually have more clarity and see the situation for what it was.

4.  My kids are doing well.  That is always a good thing.

5.  I have lost 17 pounds since August 1st.  I have managed to keep it off and have gone down into a set of '10's' if you know what I mean, that I haven't seen in years!  Lovin' that scale!!

6.  I GOT A MAID!  She moved in Wednesday night and is lovely.  So far, so good.  I have never had luck with maids.  I feel good about this experience!

7.  I have nails now!

8.  I don't have to cook!  Although, I will assign myself once a week to cook so I don't get out of the habit but I like to be away from food, ya know?

9.  I walked by my favorite aisle at the grocery store and it did not phase me.  I think I have used food as a crutch and comfort for so many years.  I woke up and was extremely unhealthy and overweight.  I am making changes now.  I have a long, LONG way to go; but I feel positive about it!

10.  I pulled out some quilting projects but am not quite there in the 'excitement' mode or passionate mode to get busy on it.

11.  I have reconnected with some female friends that I shunned for four years.  I am enjoying their company again.  I need to be around women.  Good women.

12.  Uki is now MY kitty.  She is always with me.  Now that I have a maid though, I will be going out more so I hope she misses me a little!

13.  I am laughing again.  Not as much as before or as much as I like but I am laughing again.  I am seeing the humor in life and embracing it.

14.  I started a new blog for the MUSCAT QUILT GUILD!  It is here.  It is in its' infancy, so the design has a lot to be desired but I will get it there.

15.  I still love music and am enjoying that but have stopped watching so much TV.  This is a good thing!

16.  Now I look forward to less stress (because of having the maid) and being a more pleasant Mommy and friend.

17.  I picked up my iPad to read last night.  I ended up looking at pictures.  heehee

18.  I feel so much better physically from losing all that weight.  I need to sleep more (going on 4 hours today!)

19.  My sister is the Director of Girl Scouts for the North Eastern Region of the United States!  Too bad she doesn't get paid!

20.  Life is good.  Get rid of the negative.  Learn to see what is negative.  Don't dwell on idiots.  Teach your kids to be strong in character and believe in something.  Let go of yesterday and embrace today and  contemplate tomorrow.  Don't mistreat others so you have a clear conscious.  Learn to detect mean deceitful people and run away from them!

I saw two quotes in the last two days...


and the real winner is this one...Thanks Lisa!


I don't think so!  Let gooooooooo!

Ok.  Thanks for listening to my thoughts for today.

Off to Hardanger and then home for a short while and then off to Jean's for 'Stitch n Bitch' and a weigh in.  Perhaps that is helping me too!  Kids are sorted; food is sorted; maid is sorted; kitties are sorted.

Happy October!  This will be a good month!

Uki helping me with my Hardanger!  She sits on my desk and at night if I am sewing; I like to sew and watch a movie on my computer.  She used to run away if I touched her but now she lets me hug on her as long as I let her play with stuff!

There is a really cool app called WORDFEUD.  Download it and we can play!  It's like scrabble.  You can play one game for days and it is good to build your English skills!  The dictionary has made an appearance on my desk!  If you do this, you can invite me to play by entering my email addy which is in the sidebar.  I enjoy this type of thing.

The Script is coming to town and I think I will go with the kids!  Yes!


Jean said...

Life is good.
We are blessed.
The end.

Susan said...

The Script! woohoo!!

Anonymous said...

aww i'm so happy october is working well for you and inshallah doom sweetyy.. inshallah your maid will bring you lost of restful days and evenings...
I love nails.. they are so fun when you get to paint them<3
good luck with everything hun

The Tame Lion said...

Insightful! Awesome!

SandraW said...

Good for you sis! Wish you could see the colors of fall. I will send them via facebook pics ok. Have so much to tell you. Can you text me in the am?