Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ali's field trip to PDO to hunt insects with the 4th grade class!

Here is my beautiful Ali on the far left with the St. Louis baseball cap in Oman!!  These are a few of his buddies in his class.
Some of the insects we found were a huge black spider, a scorpion!!  I found the shell of a tail of a scorpion too!  We found a weird looking slithering silver-fish looking dude, two grasshoppers, two different kinds of ants.  The black spider was on top of the scorpion and the bigger ant was on top of the littler ant!  Tres cool.  What else?  Can't remember..  Dig the nice nails??


mehta said...

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Alia said...

Funky Bugs! I wanted to come but NO! Next time I will! Hahahahahahhah! Luv Ya! xx