Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I'm sooo extremely excited!  Amal, my daughter, is in 7th grade at the ABA (American British Academy) and she signed up to go to Switzerland for a ski trip in April during Spring Break.  She did not get her little check in time and was third on the list!  We got a call just now and the school has a place for her and SHE IS GOING!  I'm more thrilled than she is at present.  I see it as a wonderful opportunity for her and what an experience.  Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, I know snow although I have not seen it in the 14 years that I am here in the Middle East.  She is worried about not knowing any of the kids and I told her to be nice and make friends but basically, screw them!  Let her avail of the wonderful opportunity!!  Yea!!!!!

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Alia said...

So sad I can't go anymore! Maybe next time! There's always next year. I would rather be somewhere wt u mom! Luv Ya!
Amu xx