Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where my sewing genius exudes!!

One of my nicknames given to me a long time ago by a boy was Coffeebean.  I took the kids in October to Cafe Ceramique which is a painted pottery joint.  We had a lot of fun and I chose this cup as I already have a collection of this art from the States.  We are lucky cuz Sandi, my blood (sister), takes us in Cleveland and then we get to go again with Lizzie, my bestest bud in the world, in St. Louis!  Now, we have it here and they serve lunch which is lovely and expensive!  Anyway, Amal, my daughter, helped me with the idea of doing it coffee style.  So, here we are.  It holds my quilting tools and I even took it to class with Lynne Edwards!  Great idea of mine!

Aw, gee, look at my creative mess!!  That is my little ironing board which is new and I think brilliant!  Then, we have my relatively new table I bought here and it is from Sam's Club!!  How ironic!  The black and blueish fabs are from a Perspective class that I took two weeks ago with Lynne Edwards.  It will be stunning when I finish.

Lastly, my lovely sewing machine.  HE is like the lowest on the totem pole compared to my contemporaries.  They all have super duper machines but I am still happy with mine and he is only about five or six years old now.  He is fondly known to me and my household and THE GERBEAR.  Ger as in Gerry....

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