Monday, October 25, 2010

Cat Nap Quilt for Uki DONE!

I found some fun cat fabric and birdie fabric a couple of weeks ago and had been meaning to make a little quilt for one of the cats.  Since we came back from America in August and I did some laundry, it seems that Peaches really likes to lay on a little quilt I made for a challenge years ago.  It never made it back on top of Amal's bed but on the steps.  Now, here comes Uki and she steals everything from Peaches so I saw her eyeballin' the little quilt when Peaches wasn't laying on it and decided to make it.

Here is it.  It is just little.

I've been seeing on blog land that people are quilting with colored floss with large stitches and I liked it.  Again, I love color.

Here is another kitty that I just quilted around.  It was hard on my hands.

This is the backing with the little birdies.  Love it!

Hey, I can't find those glasses!?  Here you can see my stash buster quilt in progress in the purple then the front and backing of my little cat nap quilt and my glasses.

Here was the real test.  Uki came over to inspect it.  I put it under my window so she can look out.

Oooh, good sign!  She is taking a bath on it!

What?  Where did Peaches come from?  Now whom is stealing from whom!!??  hahahahaha
These girls are so much fun.  I really enjoy my kitties!

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