Friday, October 8, 2010

Great news for my family!!

I have not been very productive this week.  Amal, my beautiful daughter has been sick and then once nursed back to health and school; I got sick!  Darn the luck!  I have managed to keep the house clean though!  ??  I do, however, have WONDERFUL news regarding my family.  Read on...

My brother-in-law is Oman's first Nanotechnologist.  This sets him apart from anyone here.  He is a professor at the local university.

With this work that earned him his PhD; he is now part of incredible history.  His Professor from the University of Manchester in the UK has this past week won the Nobel Prize in Physics!  

It is extremely exciting stuff that will revolutionize our future.  ALL OF OUR HUMAN BAD SELVES!!  Read more about it...

Mabrook Tariq!  May Allah bless you and your family always!  Ameen.

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