Monday, October 25, 2010

Stash Busting Progress #1

Ok.  I haven't made a D.E.N.T in my stash!  How can this be?  Because I found SEVERAL stashes around the house that I got into?  Perhaps.  Here are the pics to show my updates:

I am thinking I might take out the purple plums out of there and put them in the back or something!  Your'e looking at 32  12.5" blocks right there; a shot at my knee?; my wood vinyl flooring and various other things in my Studio.

Here is a cropped photo for ya!  Of course it was just laid down in random; I will have to work at it a little harder when I actually start sewing it together.

I like this.  It makes me happy.  I have several scraps from previous projects and a lot of scraps from friends in here.  It feels good to get through these even though my stash doesn't look as if there has been a dent made in it at all!  A.T.  A.L.L!

I'll keep chugging along.  I would love to make a 'quick' quilt for my 2 meter x 2 meter bed with a 10" drop!  Yowza!

What colors do you think I need to dig for in my bucket??

edited to add:  My husband and daughter don't like this at all for our bedroom.  I guess it is a bit busy.  It looks like either this will be for charity or another lap quilt!


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Alia this is a quilt you should make and then keep for day when you want a rest on the couch etc. It has so many good memories it would be a shame to see it leave your house.

OK so my hubby probably would not like it in the bedroom either so I understand that angle but seriously I think a nice big quilt for watching telly.

Alia said...

Yes! I agree! You are in there too with the little bit of Farmer's Market that you lent Amal two summers ago. She asked me to use them and then there is the orange with white polka dots you gave me when you cleared out your sewing room! Thank you! There are fabrics from years ago too. I still like it and will be keeping it! I'm just cutting up more 2.5" squares and 2" squares and tossing the rest!

XUE said...

Dear Alia, I love it because of its busy-ness!! So keep it to use in your studio, when you are sitting there browsing through quilting magazines.

Alia said...

thank you Xue!