Monday, October 25, 2010

Muscat Quilt Guild October 2010

When I served on the Muscat Quilt Guild Board for 6 years; I wanted so badly to do a website.  I had tried several times but couldn't.  Then, I quit thinking about it and then started my own blog and entered blogland and now we had our meeting for this month last Saturday and the ladies really produced stuff.  Not me.  I'm slow!  Anyhow, my bud Alice saved me a seat as she often does (thank you!) and I got to taking pictures.   Here they are so you can see what we are doing here in little ole Muscat.  Now remember, this is not official and I did not have the intention of posting these pics so the ladies are not 'posing'!  Sorry!

Here Anette is giving some monies we raised over the course of last year to the Diabetes group here in Muscat.  It was a lot but I don't remember!  Well done ladies!

Fatima, the one in black on the left, won the raffle quilt that a bunch of ladies made for Breast Cancer.  Yay!

Here Sylvie on the left and Pam on the far right are presenting monies collected for Breast Cancer.  I am listening to Toni Braxton so I can't remember the lovely lady's name!

Hina showed the group how to make a thread catcher and passed around copies.  Thank you Hina.  I want to make another one (I have two) for Amal for her sewing!

Sylvie was promoting some teachers that are coming to Dubai that were here a couple of years ago.  This is one of her projects.  Again, Toni is singing in my ear so I can't remember names!

Jennie Rayment!  That is the gal who will be coming to Dubai.  I was fortunate to have taken this course and if you look on my 'to do' list, you will see it there!  I need to get cracking and finish! 

I missed last month's meeting and therefore missed Mala and Shankar's visit from Dubai.  Mala showed us how to make a little pouch.  Thank you to her and thank you to Alice for grabbing me a packet and instructions!  Only two of the ladies had theirs to show and tell and that would be Sylvie and Najah.

Ibtisam is taking over from Sylvie as the head of our Guild and here she is showing her bird houses.  Love the fabric and it is a sweet project!

Here is Ibtisam again with this very colorful (I love it!) baby quilt.  Isn't the bunny cute!

Oh, this is Pam's baby!  For her grandbaby!  This is all paperpieced.  LOVE IT!  I'm so happy that she finished it and will be gifting it to her grandson soon!  I love the piggies and the snails.  Really nice.

This is just another shot so you could see the bottom of the quilt.

Here is Granny Pam!

Here Pam is hiding behind her Convergence quilt that Ricky Tims came and taught in Dubai at the International Dubai Quilt Festival last year.  I did not love it so I did not sign up for the class.  I took that black, red and white bag class.  Suzette from Dubai came down and taught us here in Muscat the course.  Still, I did not jump in.  I appreciate it but did not want to take the course.

Here is Fran, whom sadly will be leaving us in December for greener pastures, she is showing us a class that Pat Watkins taught and I don't remember the name but my oh my it is stunning!

So pretty that I took a full shot!  Love it.  I tried to take this course but I think renovations started on our home so I had to back out.  Bummer....

Here is Azhar showing us her lovely little houses!  Love the color!

Fatma, winner of the quilt up above ran up and showed us her little houses.  Again, love the colors!

Here is Azhar again showing us a little baby quilt she made.  Lovely.

Najah did Sylvie's hand quilting course.  Not sure if they actually hand pieced too.  I'm a thinkin' they did.

Najah made a sewing machine cover that Annabelle showed us years ago.

Here is Fatma with Najat on the left of the screen with her baby ensemble.  Amazing.  See the bib on her?  That was so funny when Najat ran up to her and put it around her neck!  She also made a hanging matching towel too!

Here is Maya with Basima (just wanna grab that fabric right off her!) and Fatma with a project that the Monday Group put together.  Notice that Fatma used a tea towel!  Cool!  I would need three or four towels!  Hey, it's the truth!

Here is Samira with this stunning freaking quilt! W.O.W!!

Here is a more subdued but gorgeous nonetheless attic windows quilt Samira put together!

Here you see Basima with her birdhouses quilt.  Love the yellows and greens and she used yo-yo's as the birdie holes!

Here is Najat with a lovely use of Japanese fabrics.  I bought some of those too and made Shirly a book cover when she left Oman!

Maggie showing off her two advent calendars!

Hina with another convergence quilt.

Hina with her froggies that Mala taught us one month when she came down from Dubai.

This is Randa's Moda Bliss stacked coins!  Love the line!  I got so excited when she showed this!

Randa again with a lovely Batik quilt.  Just gorgeous!

Randa back again with her star quilt like the others above.  

Randa with this lovely sampler.  I forgot the collection but it is one too.

Finally, to end this long post of these busy and talented women, is Randa's Dinosaur quilt.  Isn't it fun!!

Thanks for stopping by and having a peek at what we do here in Muscat!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Just wonderful.

Alia said...

Thank you Sadia! It was good fun and we were very productive last month!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to put your blog on my reader... your guild does beautiful work. All those quilts are amazing!

It's fun to see the universal language of quilting telling the stories from around the world.

Thanks for sharing!

Fleurette@ Fleur's place said...

Gorgeous quilts! really wonderful work, thanks for sharing!

Argery Araya C. said...

Estimada s amigas las felicito por esa belleza de trabajos ,me encantaria saber como hacen esa concha que tiene como flores por ensima que teccnica usan si pudieras escribirme me encantari y le agradeceria que pasen unas felices fiestas de navidad,un saludito desde mi pequeño pais COSTA RICa centroamerica.

Alia said...

Bienvenida! No estoy segura como se llama o como se hace las flores. Que lindos, no cierto?! Voy a llamar la Senora, que es una maravilla de mujer, y le preguntara por toda la informacion y te lo mando, si Dios quiere. Me puedes dar tu email para mandarlo? Felicitaciones a tu familia tambien durante estas pascuas!