Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New fabrics from Summer and Crochet progress

Hi!  I bought these fabrics this past summer in Ohio for my kids.  


I want to make flannel pants for pj's or lounging.  The Curious George is for Ali.

Elvis is for Amal.  Best concert!

This is not flannel.  It is cotton for Ali.  So cute!

Amal has a thing for Snoopy!

Now, I can easily send this fabric to the tailor here and have HIM make some pants for my kids but I would really like to make them myself.  I have been quilting for years but have not been making clothing so don't know where to start.  Any suggestions????

I was crocheting.  Ali laid out the blocks of the crochet for me and it is SO SMALL!  I have enough of the yarn left over so I have made 1.5 more blocks!  Here Peaches (freshly shaven) is playing with the yarn!

Uki came in (also freshly shaven) to see what was going on...

Peachy was going to town.   She tried so hard to get the yarn!

Here are the blocks laid out on my floor and you can just see Ali's feet and hands.  I'm not so sure about the colors.  

This was actually the first photos I took.  Uki and Peachy are sniffing each other but I like to think they are kissing!  When Ali first saw this years ago between two cats he asked if they were GAY!??

Here is the Peach.  I had the blocks laid out on my new photographing station and this little cow made herself a little bed.  So cute!  Thank God they have Soft Paws on or some damage would have been done!

That is about it.  I took out a kit I bought from Mala in Dubai from 2008; but there are so many mistakes that I don't know what to do.  My friend had done hers and struggled with it which in turn inspired me to take mine out, yet again, and have a look.

I took everything out of my studio and I LOVE how empty it is!  Everything is in the hall and my hubby is gonna freak if I don't get it back in here!  I want to enjoy the 'empty space' for just a tad longer!  I think I will unload stuff I haven't touched in one year.  Interested?

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon as I feel that I W.I.L.L. get some sewing done in the near future!!


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Hi Alia, you could always add a few rows border to the crochet blanket? I like the colours, can't wait to see it finished.

PJ's pants are pretty easy however as yours are a little older than my monkeys they need to have a little more shape. Send me an email with their sizes (height, chest, waist, hip, outseam - that is from their waist to their heels) preferably in cm as that is how Otto calculates them. If they still fall into Otto sizing maybe I could trace you off a simple pattern?

I am making PJ's today but these are in knit fabric. I have a bundle of flannels to do too but my kids are easier as there is little shape to them LOL.

Alia said...

Hi Isra! Thank you! I will get those measurements to you and wow! So that is the difference! They need more shaping as they are older. Ok. That makes sense!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Alia you know I cut out some pj pants for my lot yesterday and I had Lulu's sewn up in less than 10 minutes on the serger. It is just the "preparation" that takes the time.

I don't think you have a serger so you can use the overlock stitch or the zigzag on your machine for the edges just as well.

Also with the sales on do yourself a favour and keep a look out for some plain T's for the kids. Then do a little applique to match the pants and it makes a nice set. The applique will be a piece of cake with your rolls royce machine ;-)

Alia said...

Great idea! I am so stoked! I see you do it all the time but never considered doing it for my two big kids! They'll love it! Thank you!