Friday, September 17, 2010

Dubai, BFC, Pizza, Kids and then some!

I'm not sure which came first of the following pictures in this post but I think this one was first.  I finished my purple squares and have started and finished my first rust one.  So, to date, I have 8 red, 7 purple and only 1 rust.  This is going to be a very masculine and pretty afghan or quilt!  Here is my ever present supporter Uki!  She was attacking the tails of the threads and it was so funny!

Ali got this little kit to make teeny, tiny pizzas.  We finally got around to it and the kids had a lot of fun.  The end product was a bit salty for my taste but I did not say anything to them!

Here are the kids working hard in the kitchen.  Two things;  not sure what the knife is about and Ali sucking his thumb??  I asked and Amal was in the process of cutting veggies and Ali wanted to demonstrate how delicious raw pizza stuff was!!  I hate my kitchen!

Here is just one tray of the goodies.  Ali made calzones and Amal made a salad.  This girl is really getting into cooking!

Here are the variety of little pizzas and calzones.  What made this SB was that we used whole wheat flour and low fat cheeses.  The middle one was Amal's favorite with feta cheese and black olives and oregano.  

This is a must to post.  My husband's friend from Bisiya many years ago told me that they have BFC and that it was very good.  I said, "what is BFC??" and he said it was their form of KFC.  Since this place wasn't Kentucky but Bisiya, they call it Bisiya Fried Chicken!  So funny!  It is so very tasty and we eat it with bread.  Personally, I like it with hummos and veggies and bread.  This is very famous in this little village.  

Here we are driving into Dubai.  The tallest tower is the world famous TALLEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD called Burj al Khalifa.  What a sight!

We stayed very close to The Dubai Mall.  We LOVE this mall.  It is huge and it has all sorts of stuff that we all love!  We stayed in a place called the Qamardeen and it was nice.  It was 4 star!!  :)

I found a new place that sells cupcakes called Kitsch and it is adjacent to Candylicious which is a Dentist's dream as well as everyone else's but for different reasons!


Very pretty though.  Looks are important but taste is also very important. 

Of course, we will try them again next time we go to Candylicious but they were dry and the frosting was not as tasty as, well, mine!  Here are the kids posing with them.

Here are Ali and I posing in front of the Dubai Aquarium with the colorful lights from Candylicious bouncing off the glass!

Here are Amal and I, same as above.

Amal got her first COACH bag!  Woo hoo!

and SO DID I!!!!!!!!!  I did not use mine on the spot.  That is my hubby!

We also went to Magnolia again and tried two smores cupcakes; red velvet with cream cheese frosting (all our favorites); vanilla cake with chocolate frosting (my hubby's favorite and it tasted just like mine!!);  in the middle right is carrot cake with a weird cream cheese frosting; and top right is their banana cake with caramel frosting and caramel inside.  

Y. U. M.

We then at some point went to see the water fountain show outside of Dubai Mall and also outside of Burj al Khalifa.  We took so many photos and it was not as impressive as times past.  The kids felt gipped!

Back home and Amal vacuumed the red carpet and rolled it up and I really like the new Ikea pillows with NO HIDEOUS RED CARPET!!

I know this is blurry but you can see the carpet rolled up and Waqar's laptop and bag and our new sheep rug for the cats.

It has been a wonderful week.  Time spent with the kids as a family is always good.  Spending time with family and friends is also cathartic.  Spending some money with NO OBJECTION FROM THE HUBSTER was priceless!  Getting to plan our next trip up in November even better!

Now, this has been a very long post and very picture heavy so I must bid you adieu!!

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Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Looks like you had a lovely time.

I had to laugh your poor hubby looks a little drained. I am sure after buying you two ladies Coach bags he was feeling a little faint ;-) Well done gals! And well done Waqaar!!

Alia said...

Thanks! I did not mention the food we ate! Oh, Isra! it was devine and EXPENSIVE!! He said, and he does not joke, he said, "Am I going to faint?" when we got the bill and he choked!

It was lovely!

Kola said...

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Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

Alia i love your blog updates they are so fun, Amal & Ali have grown since the last time i've seen them ma sha Allah

Congrats on the Coach bag :)