Monday, September 6, 2010

Blogger Genius; Crochet Progress and Kitty Fabric!

Hi!  How do you all like my new banner?  It was so much fun putting it together.  I was playing around and bored with my old layout and saw that there are some new features to blogger.  I remembered my friend Laila had messed with her header a while ago so I went on a hunt on her site.  Take a look.. Time For Tea..  She recommended CLOVER LANE.  You must go see her site.  She is A M A Z I N G!!  Clover Lane will teach you lots of stuff for your blog!

Now, on what else I have been up to!

Been doing some painting.  Painted the frame of my bulletin board a red.  I don't like the opaqueness of it so need to gloss it up.  I am thinking school glue.  One coat.  With a little bit of water...

Ok.  I finished all 8 of the red 8" squares.  I let my arms rest for one whole day and it seemed to do the trick.  I just get soooooooo into it that I ignore the pain.  Then, I can not even pick up a piece of paper. I know, that is bad!!  Here you see my next color.  I am using a purple. This red part was all hdc (half double crochet).  The purple blocks will be 1 SC, 1 DC  (one single crochet and then one double crochet). This gives the illusion of little waves or balls.  It gives it a texture no doubt!

There you go.  You can see the 8 blocks of the red and the start of the purple.  I have to make 7 of these in total!  I love blogging about this! Even though not many people comment; I feel like I have an audience if you will!  Sort a....  Anyway, it keeps a flame up under my butt to get things done!

Isn't this the CUTEST ever!!  I love color.  My husband is into white. My best friend is into white. I like white but I LOVE color!  Anyway, my idea is to chop this fabric up and make some little quilted mats for my girls!  I can see them laid out throughout the house.  The thing is, I don't know how to go about cutting this fabric up to make two or more little quilts.  They can't be too big, the finished size, but you can see that they, the blocks,  are all uneven.  I'll have to put some thought, serious thought, into it. I know myself though; so I will give myself a time limit so I can get on with it!

Ah, the-never-ending, always-sought-after approval!  Since I took this photo yesterday; Peaches has been laying all over it too.  They both like it.  Sorry it is a little blurry.

Here is the fabric that I found to go on the backing of the kitty stuff! Idn't cute!!??  I will be making book covers out of it too.  Let's see what I come up with!!

Well, blogger has changed yet again or maybe because I changed my template the uploading process has changed.  Anyway, I have new options that I really like and can't wait to try out.

Thanks for stopping by and go give Clover Lane a visit!  She is amazing!


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Lurve the birdie fabric!
I really like that new purple block, I must try that effect. I finished my baby blanket just trying to decide if I will back it or not.
I am sure you are thrilled that the kids are home for 9 days over Eid, what plans do you have then?

Alia said...

Hi. Thanks. It is sc then dc. next row you sc in the db and then dc in the sc. that is what pulls the yarn and leaves that effect. i'm not to gauge but will figure that out!

the birdie fabric is cute. really cute. yeah! i was gonna ask you about how to put the blocks together as i have never done that but i still have so much to do. if you back the blanket; i would use a flannel. it'll be so soft and this bubba #4 will be a winter baby!!

I am actually. i really enjoy this age. i have enjoyed every age. we are going to dubai for a few days.

when they are back in school; i'll have you two over.

scraphappy said...

I love your new header. It makes me want to go spiffy up my blog as well. Good luck with the cat quilts, I'm sure the right solution will come to you.

Alia said...

Thank you Scraphappy! What a lovely surprise!