Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Two purple crochet blocks done out of 7!

Yay!  I have finished two purple crocheted blocks of the seven that I need to make!

You can see the third block started with my very bright golden hook!  I'm so happy! 

The pain is there a little but not too bad.  I keep taking breaks so that helps!  Yay!

I baked cookies yesterday!  I made them SUPERSIZED!  For me though, they had too much chocolate. I think the recipe called for 6 oz chocolate mini chips and I used 12 oz big chips.  Anyway, they are gone!  Yum-yum!

This was one of the best parts!  Licking the spoon, bowl and ice cream scoop!  Hey, have you tried using an ice cream scoop to get PERFECT sized, or evenly sized cookies?  I thought that was ingenious but then I am easily impressed!  I am on the hunt for a mini scoop for more 'normal' sized cookies!

Ok.  So, today is Wednesday which is the last day of the workweek, like Fridays for you all in America. Our weekend is Thursday and Friday.  It is the Muslim way.  It took me a while to get used to but hey, we are not here to hear about my experiences living here in the Middle East!  We are here to talk about my cookies and crochet!  Heehee...

Around Saturday or Sunday, according to the Moon; we will have one of our biggest holidays in the Muslim world.  After one long month of fasting called Ramadan, we celebrate it with Eid Al Fitr.  Sat or Sun should be that day.  We will get all dressed up in new clothes and be with family and feast sort of.  I'm SURE non of the food will be on the South Beach approved plan but we will just have to deal with it.  Then, we are off to the village to visit my husband's best friend's family and then off to Dubai next week.  So, if I'm quiet that is why!

Have you heard of SIA?  She is Australian and an awesome singer.  I love her song MY LOVE.  Check her out.

Who knew that a 14 year old would STILL love Sesame Street and think of her Mama to go online and find and print this picture and then color it all the while doing her homework!  I am loved!  Thank you Amu, mi Reina preciosa!

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely holiday for those whom will be celebrating and for everyone else and your daily celebrations!

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