Saturday, September 4, 2010

Not sure about this new template...

Hi. I have something to post but then got to playing with my blog and messed up the template. I am not loving it. I can't find the creativity that I want for it. For example; how do I change the placement of the title? I don't WANT it there!! Errgghh!!

The coffeebeans might be a bit much for me too so I need to research this more. I downloaded the much talked about PICNIK but can't seem to get it to work! Errrgghh!!

It's 11:51am and I have been messing with this far too long! I did, however, run back up to school to meet Ali between the gates and he stood me up! HE forgot his form!? So, I found his friend and gave it to her. So, I did DO something!

I will give this blog a break and do some more laundry and then come back to it. What else is on the list for today? Shall I go ahead then? Ok. This is what I have been up to...

Crocheting to the point of pain! Yes, I suffer from something and it hurts like a b*&ch! Anyway, I got this really cool yarn thingy that has a little hole in the top for the yarn to come out and it has a carrying handle which you can see and the body is clear so you can see what is inside! I got two of the same but my Mama is coming, insha'allah, and I will ask her to bring the bigger one so I don't have to roll out the skein and and and the smaller one just because I want it! Ha! My crochet hook is inside and I have made 5.5 of the 8 for this color. Then I need 24.5 more blocks! Crap. I can feel the pain!

The embroidered piece is a gift from my uncle Janos from Hungary's sister. This is very typical in the homes over there and it is colorful and beautiful! I have a cheater cloth but I do not know how to do the stitches. I mean they are satin stitch but I don't know the flowers or the colors. I hope to make it before I croak!

I took tons of pictures of Ali and his Chocolate cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting but I will post that later.

I am very pleased that this photo above is not orange!! Picnik is NOT WORKING on my Mac!!

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Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

your squares are looking great! The banner is nice and the template you just have to work out that big gap and the title I guess.

Alia said...

Thanks! You still wanna get together this week or after Eid??