Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Farewell for Wendy

Goodbye Wendy...

Our Tuesday group consists of a small group of women.  We meet at various homes and work on something or inspire each other or just hang out with each other.

Well, the time came for Wendy to be leaving and going back to Scotland.  I just got word that she arrived today, so this took place last Wednesday I think.  Ok, last week sometime.

Two of us were not sure if we could make it; me being one.  I did.  She did.  It was lovely. Thank you to Corinne for hosting this!

When Corinne left Kuwait; the ladies put together a Quilt Jar.  In Kuwait, there are a lot of ladies that are crafty and in the group.  Here in Muscat, our Tuesday group is tiny; so Corinne suggested we each throw in several fat quarters.  I put in five and an embroidered pin cushion.

She met some of the ladies downstairs!  She was under the impression that she was having tea with Corinne! 

Corinne was saying something.  Can't remember!

Here Wendy is perusing the Quilt Jar.

Nice action shot.  Maybe she just realized what it was?  edited to add:  I think she saw the pin cushion!

Here Corinne is cutting us this lovely cake.  Alice is serving herself some tea.  Jo is also.

A lovely cake and tea/coffee.

Wendy looking at my pin cushion that I made her. 

Some different angles of what I did.  I used Bullion Embroidery on Silk.  I used a Kahwa or Arabic Coffee Cup so she could take a little of Oman back with her.  W for her name, Wendy.  A Sunflower, as it is her favorite flower and yellow as it is her favorite color.  I felt it needed something but was more concerned about the 'finishing' around the lip.  So I added a little Ladybug!

And this is the bundle that I put in the jar.

Wendy showing us the first part of her Mystery Quilt.  She will continue with the clues and project overseas.

It was lovely to meet you Wendy and have you in my Tuesday circle even though it was far too short!

All the best in this next chapter of your life!


Jean(ie) said...

It's sad to see a dear friend move on, but in a way you get excited for them all the same. after all, it's a new adventure.

I love the idea of stuffing a huge jar with FQs. What a novel idea! I'll have to remember that!

I'll take a slice of that cake!

Julia said...

Take care Wendy.
What a nice group of ladies.

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Thank you ladies!