Monday, February 4, 2013


My friend Thilly posted new fabric in town on Facebook. I recognized that it matched and was from one line. You don't always get that here ya know!!

So I got to the shop just at 9:30 and Jo and Wendy had already done some damage! I waited and had a bit of a chat with Jo while Wendy shopped. Our eyes were glossy and we had stupid grins on our faces!!

I did not allow myself to look at other fabric. Nope! Nuh uh! The two gals are leaving Oman :( and cottons are MUCH cheaper here than in Europe so they were having a blast!

It's 11 pieces of Lola Violet's 'Blooming Lovely' line for Anthology Fabrics. I've yet to research the entire line. I think getting 11 pieces is fantastic for here!

Now on to the visuals!

It's sweet and I think it might be an old line.  We do get America's rejects here.  Before you guys laugh at us; we pay a fraction of the cost too!

This one is a little blurry; but still worth it's 15 minutes!  

I really like the circles.  They have a little scallop around them.  I really like the multi-colored one and that one we almost missed!  I need to decide what I will do so that I can go get enough fabric for the backing.  I think I know which pattern I will use it for!  So many of us here in Muscat have this line now! Oh well!  Nevermind!  

Thanks for stopping by.  I wish more people would comment so I know who is actually reading my blog!  

See you soon!


edited to add:  Oh, that's a glorious 2 meters of each one!  hehehe...

re-edited to add:  I searched and we got all 11 pieces in the entire collection!  OMG!  This is a first for me over here!  I'm so stoked.  Off to the shop to get the backing now!


Jean(ie) said...

That's rejects? Dang, doesn't look like it to me! Happy sewing!

Maja said...

Those fabrics were so cute!
Lucky you:-)
I'm from Sweden and I read your blogg.
Have a nice day!

Kathi Ewen said...

Oh, gorgeous! Wish I was there.

odette said...

Alia, do you think you have enough fabrics ? hihi I have almost all the fabrics and now I see your yellow I think I will go to the shop to buy that also. What will you make with them ?
Happy quilting with those gorgeous fabrics.
Greetings and see you

Anonymous said...

Beautiful fabrics. I want to buy some as well, where is the shop located??


Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Wow! So many comments! I am feeling the love ladies! Thank you! Now, to answer your questions:

Jean: Yes, that is what I was told when I researched the why and the where and the who and the what!

Maja: I remember you! Thank you for reading my blog and sticking around (as well as Jean) during my long absence! Sweden! So exotic!!!

Kathi: So many of us wish you were here too!

Odette: I know! I hope it is enough because girl, I am planning on making a 2m x 2m quilt to fit my bed. Am I insane? I went back and got 7 more meters for the backing yesterday and there was still quite a bit of them all on the bolts. Thank you!

Alya: I sent you a reply via email. Let me know if you are in Oman; I'll tell you!

Anonymous said...

I haven't received any email, and yes I do reside in Oman.


Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Ok. Lades check your profile. Most of you are set to 'no-reply blogger' which means that I can not send you an email. Well, no one can from this profile. If this is how you want it; so be it; if it is not, you need to make sure in your profile that you have a valid email address.

Alya: Al Bawader in Al Khuwair. Do you know this place? It's close to Radissan SAS. Do I know you??

Anonymous said...

I don't really know that place, but i'll look for it.
And i don't think that we know each other :)
Thank you