Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I am DONE, DONE, DONE!!  I'm so happy!  It took me less than a week to quilt this.  I wanted to try something different with the long strips.  I'm glad I did!

Uki is ALWAYS with me!  Here she is laying on the quilt as I'm about to start quilting.

I was trying to decide which thread to use.  Uki helped me choose.  She was batting them all over the top.  

I remembered that I bought this no slip matt in Dubai and wanted to use it.  I am taking it out here.


I did not know what to do.  It did not fit my table.  It was too big.  I did not want to cut it down so I got my big bad table.

Ok.  Here it is.  Sew Slip II.  Get one!

I found this rather cumbersome to quilt.  Whereas I used a decorative stitch to achieve the wavy lines; I found that turning the quilt was hard on my upper back and shoulders.  But I did it!

Again showing the cool wavy line.  Sometimes the pins would get stuck on the table and I would feel a slight tug.  This gave me long stitches.  It's all about the practice and forgiving yourself for not being perfect.  I did my best and the stitches are different sizes but I'm happy with it and know where I went wrong and what I can do to correct that.

 A wider view of my workspace.  I ended up removing the blue catch-all as I thought maybe the quilt was catching on that.

Gee, more of the wavy lines.

I had to get out my driving gloves without the three fingers covered.  They snap at the wrist and work just fine for me.  They fit without being too tight.  They allow maximum grip and control and the three cut out fingers let my hand breathe so I don't get too hot.  They were CHEAP!

Excuse me!!!  Uki!!!

There was something wrong with the bobbin I thought at this point.

A closer look.

Uki inspecting something!

Back on the other table, Peachy, PEACHY came and settled in!  She hardly ever hangs out with me!

Uki must have been thinking, "no, hold up now, this is MY domain" and joined in on sitting on the quilt.

Uh oh, it's bath time!

Before I started with the borders I checked the machine as lint was coming out on the threads.  Eeewwww!   COOOOLLLL!

I used a whole bobbin!  It was a thrilling experience!

The shops were closed as they close for several hours in the afternoon and I couldn't wait.  I just had a little left.  So I found the closest color.

I was inspired by Penny at sewsimplelife that I found on Instagram.  Lovely girl and I loved this little picture and the Wandering Clover design for the quilting.  I wanted to try it and I did!!

Here we go!  On the orange border I just did loops.

After a while I had to go cook.

I think this is the orange border.  Hey, whats going on here!  The pictures uploaded in the wrong order!!

Is this the cutest thing ever!  I couldn't have tried to get Uki to make this face!  They are both looking up at me.  I guess they were checking in and asking for something!

Here you can see my wandering clover design.  It was so much fun!  I threw in a four leaf clover for luck!

Then I decided to try my name and a label was born.  I have my name and the year.  Can you see it???!!!

I picked this trick up on Instagram too.  I will try to find the gal and give her credit.  IT WORKS!!  I did not have to fight with the binding and it glided on just fine!  Great tip!!!!

Here I have the quilt on my table and am sewing on the binding and Uki made herself at home.  She really likes this stuff!

Here it is!  I LOVE it!  I love the effect of the wavy lines.  I love the effect of the fabric all crinkly because I did not wash the fabrics first.  Love it!

Folded up.

I like the orange part.  This bad boy measures a decent 58" x 70".

Now, so far, Uki has been sleeping on it.  I went out to meet a friend that moved from Oman years ago and was in town.  I'll cuddle up under it tonight!

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Anonymous said...

You have really been busy.
Are the UFO's decreasing?

Love the colours and great jelly roll. Jean

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Hi! Not really!!! LOL. I seem to START a new project! Now I am going to make a Journal Quilt. 8.5" x 11" of a title. A song/book/movie. I'm just now sitting to try for a song. Then I will plan it. It also has to have the color yellow. I have no idea what to do! I'm sure I will have fun! Thanks Jean!!!

Penny {SewSimpleLife.com} said...

Lol thanks for mentioning me! Glad to have inspired you.

Your quilt came out great. I don't really make big quilts. I don't think I have the patience.

I use gardening gloves to FMQ... Maybe I should cut off the finger tips, hiding my threads is a pain because I have to take off the gloves to thread the needle.

I didn't know you had a blog. I guess on Instagram I'm bad about checking profiles for blog links! I'll have to remember to check from now on.

Jean(ie) said...

I Love it! Isn't it funny that when we are deep into a project that the pets get interested in it?

You rocked the quilting. Look at you go!!!!

Linda said...

These are great! I love them. I wish we were neighbors or something! We';; have to get reacquainted and you can tell me about you and I can tell you about me.