Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jelly Roll Race Quilt

Hi there! I finished this Jelly Roll quilt top back in May. I think I was thinking that I would find coordinating fabric of the same line in the States. I did not! I did find a lovely Kei dot fabric locally! Thanks to Jo for that one!

I haven't figured out how to write after every picture when I blog on my iPhone. So I'm left with a long winded whatever and then a bunch pictures!

edited to add:  and then I go online and edit on my laptop!!

I picked this up Gosh knows where!  I can't remember!

Uki helping me with all those strips.  She was in heaven sitting on my sewing machine cover that was sitting on the kid's recent finishes.

I separated the strips out to color ways?

Do your discerning eyes spot the DORAEMON fabric in the background??

I must have messed up my miter on this picture!

Ok.  I remember (remember, finished this back in May!) I learned to give a little space for miters as well as staying away from the selvage!

This is chain pieced.

It's hard to remember what I was thinking back then and why I would take such a blurry photo.  Of course, it was not intended but I think I just opened it up to see what was going on here!

Uki helping me figure out if the green fabric was indeed a good choice for the border.  She decided we needed one more smaller border...

I couldn't orchestrate this kid if I wanted to!  She is just so involved in whatever I am doing!  Here she is deciding that she likes all the colors and images.

This was taken last night on my belly.  Gosh, it sucks to baste a quilt on the carpet with pins holding the backing and safety pins.  My little tool came in handy to close the pins but this is not good for me!

The two pictures above is my view to my right and this one above is to my left.  I persevered through my discomfort and the ladies that were over today told me about monster clips on the table and how a larger quilt can be basted in segments.  Holler! (Holla?)  I'm going to try that next time!  Now, can anyone tell me where I can buy cheaper-than-quilt-brand-clips at a fraction of the cost?  I have to ship them over here too ya know!!  Thanks for any info on that one anyone!!

This is the backing that I found and it fits perfectly!  I love it.  I bought 4 meters and have just a little left over!  

Thanks for stopping by.  Even though I'm initially uploading unedited photos from my iPhone and the Blogger app; then running over here to my laptop to edit I am enjoying the process.  I'm glad to talk about my stuff again!!

See you soon!


Oh, Oh!  I am thinking of quilting wavy lines in each strip.  I saw this online on a different quilt with strips.  I like the look.  I want something simple and quick.  I want to get this binding on and show it at the next guild meeting!  Any suggestions or ideas are most welcome!!

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Jean(ie) said...

I like your quilting idea.

Basting by section works. That's how I do it. If I get on the floor, getting up won't be pretty. LOL!

I'm so glad to see you posting again. I've really missed your sunshine!