Saturday, February 23, 2013

My first Journal Quilt: Title of a Book - Movie - Song

The Muscat Quilt Guild is doing a year long project of Journal Quilts. I keep meaning to make one since September and finally made one for February.  

The theme had these criterias:

Title:  Movie/Book/Song
8.5" x 11"
February, 2013

I wanted to use a song by The Cure  but could not get my thought process around these songs:

Love Cats.  Well, I had an idea but did not love it.
The Last Day of Summer
Pictures of You
Love Song
Just like Heaven.


So I was cleaning.  Love cleaning.  You find TREASURES!  I found a picture of my house that I had printed onto fabric.  I then used this for the basis of my Journal Quilt and decided to use Phillip Phillips' first single 'Home'.  (He's sooooo cute!  He was my favorite and WON American Idol, 2012)  Oh yes.  I can whip this up.

And whip up I did.  Last night.  I laid my head down at 3:39am.  The alarm woke me at 6:13am.  I had our general Muscat Quilt Guild meeting and had it to show.  I am doing this now and will cook and run to look at a cool sewing machine and frame from a friend whom is leaving and selling.  Then off to pick up my son and then by 4 I can chill.  My body hurts all over.  But enough of my silliness.  Back to the quilt...

I started with taking the cut off borders of my Jelly Roll Race Quilt.  I trimmed where necessary and joined them using a large zigzag.


I then used my Sullivan's Basting Spray that I brought over years ago.  YEARS AGO I tell ya.
Love this stuff!  I rarely use it.  Do they still make it?  Anyone know of a homemade recipe for this?

I sprayed the backing; placed the pieced batting on it.  Then sprayed the batting and laid down the top.  I smoothed it all out from the center outward.  Love this.  I think I mentioned that already!

I began quilting it.  I stayed away from the house.  I used my new favorite free motion pattern called Wandering Clovers.  I used it in the border of my Jelly Roll Quilt.  I then wrote HOME across the top center.

I managed to sew in a sleeve using the leftover bit of the binding and tacked it down.  I knew that I would use a huge toothpick or BBQ stick so all it needed was to be tacked down.

After I finished and looked at it I was pleased but it needed and still needs something.  So this morning I put in French knots in the flower beds.  Red and Pink.

I think I will do some embellishing around the picture to frame it.  I have enough decorative stitches on my machine to try something creative!  I thought of free motion quilting a pattern on the building.  We'll see!

So, I'm dragging if I haven't mentioned it already.  Still have lots to do so will sign off for now!  Thanks for stopping by.  

I've been working on a T-shirt quilt lately too.  I'll post that soon!

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Jean(ie) said...

Yes, they still make it! I can't wait to see how this develops. I love your home. Cool modern lines and lots of windows!