Thursday, February 7, 2013


A couple of girls asked me to organize a binding lesson a long time ago.  So much has happened in between that time 
and now and a small group of us finally got our star gal, Maggie, to come to my house and learn her wonderful

I, myself, learned a few pointers and can't wait to try it out on my next quilt that will be quilted this weekend!

Enjoy the pictures...

Maggie taking out her lovely Dutch fabric placemats to bind.

Explaining stuff...

Starting point.

Maggie recommends we use a walking foot.

Preparing for the mitered corner!

I posted this entry over at the local guild blog.  However, it was at my house, and I wanted to post on my blog too!  I am working on my quilt now and hope to be done this weekend and have it bound.  I really want to try the new things I learned and hope they work for me because truly; Maggie's binding is the most beautiful I have seen!  I've seen A LOT too over the years!

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Maja said...

reExactly the same way as I do!
Once a had a demonstraition to all of the textile-teatchers in our town, boy I was nervous;-)

Jean(ie) said...

I use my walking foot for binding as well. Makes it go together without any slippage.