Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Busy Days!

The holy month of Ramadan started last Saturday and I have been very busy! For those readers that might not know what this is, you can find some information here. I have been fasting successfully and the amount of cooking required is, let's say a lot! I have been busy cleaning the house during the days too and one room that I am working on is my sewing room that doubles as a Ladies Majlis (where female visitors sit). Why is it that every time I attempt cleaning I make a bigger mess! I do feel good so far but I am far from being finished! I want to SEW! I want to open my BERNINA!

The only things I have been able to work on are my Hardanger project which is a frame for Ali and I started knitting a washcloth and took it apart and then made a different one. I finished that this morning in the wee hours!

See you soon!

Here is my progress on my Hardanger thus far. It is a bit wrinkly! It is finally taking shape!

Here is the first attempt at knitting a washcloth. I just was experimenting. Love Uki's tail!

That face, I posted this mainly cuz she is so cute!

Then, this is the finished project. You can see clearly where I screwed up! When I started decreasing my stitches, I did not ADD the stitches to make the holes! You can see where I remembered! I can't wait to use it. This is the first knitting project I have ever finished!

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