Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ruwi Trip yesterday!

Well, look at this loot!  We went in to Ruwi with lovely Isra, and her equally lovely sister Sharon, whom is visiting, and my baby girl and Laila met us.  We missed Mayya but maybe next time!  We went to Ruwi, which is like a suburb of Muscat, and they have lots of shopping with little treasures and headaches!  Anyway, I did not find any deals on fabrics this trip but the others did!  

We then went on to Daiso, a Japanese $1 store!  I hit the jackpot!  That is 18.600 OR or about a little less than $60!!
I found a hideous pink ant-slip sheet which I plan on putting under my sewing machine.  From the left to the right, I got a really cool bodkin.  I, hey, it's not here!  I got another bodkin but Isra, wise Isra, remembered that I said I wanted a bodkin for making rugs out of fabric and she showed me the one on the left and thought it might work better for me.  Stay tuned as I will have to try out both and figure out only then which one is better!  Then, the black triangle thingy's, well, Lynne Edwards in all her widsom, advised us students back in January that we should somehow tilt our machines from the back towards us in order to save our backs!  Let's see if this works for me.  Then, the ultimate are these grippy driver's gloves that have the fingers cut out.  This will be used for machine quilting!  I got sooooo excited I bought a pair for me, a pair for me again, with the fingers, a pair of pink ones for Amu with fingers and with cut out fingers, a pair for Maya (shhh....I'll give them to her next Sunday!) and also a pair for Naina (shh, same story as for Maya).

So, whew.  Next...
Oh, this is my booty.  Ooh, I got an aluminum bag that we used this morning and it worked just fine!  There is the bodkin sort of right in the middle and on the top and some other goodies that I won't bore you with!
This is what Ali got.  Some cool colored pencils and some double sided tape that he LOVES to borrow from me, so now he has his own!  He 'mini-fractured' his left foot a while ago and then goes and does it again and we just took him for another check up and the xrays show that the sliver that separated is joined to the big bone but the ligaments or muscle is still very swollen and sore and will be for some time!  He loves to milk his injuries so I got him the bandage.  He was not impressed but just you wait and see, Mami knows best, as I know he will whip it out when school starts the little stinker!
This is Amal's booty.  She got a pretty folder for school and she is extremely conscious of the environment and all that so the pencils suit her.  Of course, we got a pair for Ali.  She is off to Milan mid September so got these sketching pencils.  She got a cute little guy for her backpack.
Sharon advised Amal to get little containers and I am so glad she did and probably will be sending her well wishes and 'Sharon is so cool' sentiments when I hear how wonderful they served Amal in Milan!  She got a few containers for different lotions and creams and shampoos and the sort!  I can't wait for her to have this experience!  I might need you local ladies to support me though because she has never left me for more than three days!

Much to my horror yesterday when I was showing Ali all this stuff, one of my gloves only had one glove in the package!  We had quite a day this morning mapping a road trip to Maya's for our Saturday with the local gals, and my butt fell asleep!  (Driving for over an hour!) Then, the kids were zoned to the max so I bypassed Ramis, another cheapy store but with lots of household stuff and some good finds occasionally.  Well, we got on the highway and there were sooo many accidents!  Ramadan has not even started! Yes, during this holy month, because people are fasting, there tend to be more accidents.  Ok, moving right along, we went to the video store and it was closed so we went to the other side of town and went back to Daiso, oh, only after Al Araimi in Qurm to get more Yu Gi Oh cards for Ali, then I exchanged my glove for two gloves and they were cool about it.

Man, this is too long!  I need to go and get some other work done!

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Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Good score! I hope WLW will work for you as I think it will be much faster then.

Alia said...

Thanks! It doesn't work on Mac. Boo hoo! However, I have been playing more with Picasa and the photos load up much faster than blogger so thank you for that!