Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm delivering my gift today!

Good Morning!  I am so excited to be delivering my little gift to Maya and Naina this morning at our Hardanger meeting!  We will be meeting at PDO (Petroleum Development Oman) at the golf club and Naina is hosting.  Anyway, stay tuned as I will enlist Amu to photograph the event. I hope these ladies will be very, very happy as they are waiting to order some quilting gloves and have been inspired by my Raspberries and Chocolate quilt to try and stipple. I will show them the proper machine quilting gloves first and then give them the driving gloves that I got at Daiso the other day!

Fons & Porter Quilting Gloves

Daiso 600 baisa Driving Gloves a.k.a. NEW QUILTING GLOVES!!!

I wrote on the covers for the girls.  It is hard to see! They will be so happy!  It feels good too to be able to make someone happy, be thoughtful, and be inspirational and to blog about it!

Stay tuned til later today!!....

edit:  I check and recheck my posts.  I noticed, hey!  I have two signatures!  Do you all?

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