Sunday, August 2, 2009

This one's for YOU Isra, my friend!

Here they are!  The new fabrics.  I have never posted new fabrics but Isra asked over at sew2bhappy so how could I not?!  These are Amal's fabrics for her first quilt. I think we decided on stacked coins and are looking for a pattern.  She decided that she wants white as the sashing. Rebecca returned the machine (thanks doll!) and is already in Scotland for a working holiday! We still need more fabrics and she really likes the greens.  The first fab that I showed more of on the bottom is not 100% cotton but a mix.  I hope it doesn't trouble us too much!  It is pink with bits of yellow and orange and purple.  The fourth up from the bottom is the green version of the same fabric.  It is green with blues and yellows.  We still need some purples and more fabrics to give it some interest.  She is excited!  I need to get out the machine and study it for her as I have never used it! I had her iron her own fabric too!

This one is my stack!  The bottom purple just might work for Amal's quilt.  We will 'interview' them later. The second is greenish.  I realize why it is here.  When I was ironing, there is a belt in the middle of dark green and I realized that the rest (the parts that I liked the most) are badly faded!  Oh well!  Then, the next one is a lovely Asian fabric.  The following is also Asian and I plan to make another bag with these three.  The rest are just fun fabs that I saw and liked so I bought!

Not sure if Isra is a cat lover, but I AM!!  I was laying out the fabs to photograph them and saw a huge basket of kitty toys that we have.  So, I started throwing all these toys over Amal (seen here reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer from the Twilight series for the second time!). She ran from under the side table and was watching! So darn cute!

I know that this picture is very blurry but had to post it anyway!  Uki looked back at me as if to say, "Is that all you got?"  I told you she was a character!

Here she is again.  She chose a ball to play with and was all over the place.  I think she hit each and every one that I threw!  Now, I will send the kids (heehee) to pick them all up!!

Thanks for stopping by!

edit:  wow, the pictures are blurry!  Sorry for that.  I also wanted to mention that the woven table runner on my coffee table I made using scraps of quilting fabrics!  It looks so common but I am so proud of it!  I also made two end table runners!  One more thing, the book cover that Amal has her book in I also made.  It was my prototype and I have made many changes and improvements of my book cover!  Thanks!

One more thing!  I HATE when I post and the margins go in a bit.  That means that I can't double space after finishing a sentence.  It bugs me so much!


Laila said...

I could add to Amals stash but I'm afraid I just put everything away in the tops of the cupboards in time for the windows getting fitted. But I don't think you want to wait that long. As for a pattern I'll pass on a helly roll book that uses a couple of short cuts so it goes tohether pretty fast.

Nice Fabric by the way

Alia said...

Thanks Laila. That is very nice! I look forward to it! Also, waiting on that bunting thing too;) !

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Laila was the Jelly roll book so hellish that you named it the Helly Roll book LOL, no seriously a nice book but very funny typo.

Love the colours A&A you got some great ones in there and welcome to the urgh do I have to wash and iron it club Amal!

Thanks for taking the time to post the fabrics. Sorry to hear about the fading and marks how very annoying. Mind you Laila and I saw one at the shop the other day it was really faded to the point that I thought it was part of the fabric and had a graduated fading effect but L told me no it was def faded.

Alia you should actually give Amal the manual and get her to work it out. It is the best way. Lets be honest how many of us just dived right in and did not read the manual only to find months later when were looking up something that our machine could do "this" and "that" and we didn't take the time to find out. Read, and test I say ... I am a hard taskmaster heh!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Oh and get her to take a nice piece of plain fabric and do a stitch out of ALL the stitches.

Even get her to do zig zag at stitch length 1, then 2 etc. Then she should get a laundry marker and write next to it what the settings were. This is a great way to learn and it saves time in the future as it is a great reference material.

I am sure Amal is in the background screaming "No Mum don't listen to that crazy woman let me just get going " LOL. Can you buy little magnetic "L" plates I wonder???

Alia said...

Aw! Thanks Isra! I'll definitely take you up on all those suggestions. It is so cool to have such fresh meat!! You know? To teacher her the right way immediately or from the get-go! Fresh meat! I just called my baby girl fresh meat!

She is still sleeping and we are cleaning today and then off to Cafe Ceramique to make masterpieces!

Have a good one!

What is an 'L magnetic plate'?