Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chatty Crafter's Morning 8/26

Yesterday, the Chatty Crafters met up at Isra's house to work on a Softie which is a toy. Her sister Sharon is visiting and will be leaving already (boohoo!) on Friday. She was so gracious and patient to teach us how to make this little doll. I, unfortunately, came to class without any precut anything and both Sharon and Isra helped me get caught up in no time! Thank you!!
Here we are from left to right: Sharon, me, Laila, Nima (welcome!) and Isra sitting down.

Here are our creations all in a row! Aren't they lovely?? From left to right they are:
Mine, Laila's, Isra's and Nima's.





Then, we came home and Uki inspected her but was not bothered!

Also, Isra opened up a LOT of fabric and let us have a look. Laila also brought some scraps and I took a little from each pile, thanks Ladies! Sharon gave lots of scraps of felt to Ali whom was sooo impressed with the whole morning. Even Amal got some stash! Laila gave me a baggie full of SELVEDGES! Yummy!! Thanks so much ladies! What a lovely morning!

We missed our Mayya and hope to see you soon!


Mayya @ Sew Chic & Unique said...


Thank you so much for missing me you are so sweet *kisses*

Yes i missed it and i am so sad that i did cause it seems you ladies had a BLAST!

But i couldnt make it due to my niece arriving but i was thinking of you ladies and yoru pollys :)

What did you call your polly?

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

and her name is ... ?

nima said... was so nice to meet you and your lovely kids...and i enjoyed your company was really nice.

Alia said...

Thank you Ladies.

And her name is.......


mili said...

OMG... my boyfriend loves these sock puppet dolls.. he wants to sew some. mummy needs to come to your next craft doll session so she can learn and then teach me when she comes here!!

Alia said...

Hi Mili, took me a while to confirm that it was YOU! So sorry to hear about the news but happy for you that you are moving on! Your blog is lovely and I will DEFINITELY be pinching some recipes!! I would love to share some of mine with you as baking is a true love and passion of mine! Take care and so nice to know that you are reading my blog and thank you for posting!