Friday, April 16, 2010

Yellow Ruffled Pillow - DONE!

Ahhh... I made this lovely little bright yellow ruffled pillow. It was a choice on my friend Mayya's site Sew Chic and Unique last week. Her followers chose a basket instead but as you know; I have been making pillows for our living room so I HAD to make this! I have another one in the process of being made.

Here is a close-up of the ruffles.

Here is the back which I chose to make an envelope back again. Unlike the other three pillows; I washed and dried this one. I need to go back and do the same for the others!

Now, off to have lunch and then to watch the latest installment of the Vampire Diaries and then we are going to see How To Train Your Dragon! My Gerry is in it!!

Have a nice weekend.


nima said...

wow..pillow looks lovely

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

Love, love, love it...i have this one on my to sew list and it will be in yellow too...

Where did you get the material from? i need that exact shade of yellow

Alia said...

Hey Mayya! Couldn't wait to see if and when it would be chosen! I'm sort of burned out at this exact minute so came into the TV room and left the Studio!! I got this yellow in the States!! I will probably finish the other one tomorrow.

I wish I could be featured! One day and I still have time to make a basket!!

amandajean said...

The ruffle pillow is adorable! I love it so. I want to make one like it in white. Did you leave the edges of the fabric unfinished? Or did you use fabric that won't fray? Any help would be appreciated!

Alia said...

Hi Amanda! I am so excited that you stopped by and commented!! Yes, I left the edges raw. It was quite a task to cut all the threads after drying but I love that effect! You could add the extra 1/2" or so to the strips and sew it up a 1/4" so your edges are finished. The tutorial one was in white but my couches are white so I needed some color!! Did you follow to the tutorial? If not, let me know and I'll hook you up!!