Thursday, April 1, 2010

A HUGE mistake....C O R R E C T E D!!

Remember this?


Here is the unpicked, cussed at, more material purchased for the lining, more unpicking, more cussing at; in other words: THE CORRECTED ONE!

The side panels should have been in the middle. Now the pockets lay right inside. Duh!

My gorgeous model son Ali.

Yes, those are cat hairs, UKI'S to be exact. I was testing the strength of the straps and put her in it. Little cow shed on me! These are the inside pockets. I know, I was too lazy to change the thread. I sort of like how it is so Bohemian looking. Yes, I like that. I made a pocket for my iPhone, iPod, a lipstick and a pen. The previous one was too long and I did fancy Bernina stitches and it was a b i t c h to pick out, lemme tell ya!

Here is the other pocket with the zipper in it. This was a joke. I couldn't find anyone to help me and You Tube confused the hell out of me as did my reference books. So, the first one was red and when I cut off both ends without securing them and went to zip it shut, it just kept going! Oops!? I was determined to get a zipper in and the only one I had on hand was this lime green one. I put in my label and voila!

This bag was hard for me. It is a very cool bag and I have learned a lot. I still need to learn how to put in a simple zipper and before, I did not think that I would make another one but I have decided that I will and fix up the instructions. My friend will be teaching this bag and she has made lots of changes for the better, I think. Oh, besides the zipper, the straps were the most difficult part. That just sucked!

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