Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The coolest Photo Cube ever!!

Cool, I found a way to still upload after I have uploaded already. I understand!! Ok. Here is a really cool CD case Photo Cube. This is a view with my Mom's (yep, still not done) Paperbag album. You can jump on over to Julie and have a look, literally at how she did it.
A bit of a profile for you! It went together pretty well. I spent many hours yesterday on it. I had to enlarge the base and inadvertently did it twice! Bummer. I used K&Co. Ancestry designer papers I bought this past summer. I used gold metallic cardstock from a local store here. I used some of me & my BIG ideas ICONS sticker bling. The punch on my kids at the zoo is Mary Engelbreit's Rose punch. Mary is from St. Louis too and she closed her store at the St. Louis Galleria. Why Mary, Why??? The flower is a Prima Calypso Tin one. My first one and I cut it!! The brad is from Making Memories. The frames are Sizzix ones. Ok. Now I feel legit!!
Well, here I go again, uploading backwards! Here is the finished cube. I have another one, stay tuned! It is up above. This is Peaches. So serene and pretty.
This is a picture of my two kids. We live in the Middle East and don't get too much rain. I have to say that after Gonu (hurricane in June 2007), my kids will always remember rain! Anyhow, we were at the Cleveland Zoo and it started raining and my two kids and my adorable Snoopy looking niece were trying to catch the raindrops with their mouths. It was Ali's idea, that is why the photo is centered on him. As quick as he said it, I got the camera ready and look how it came out! I love this picture. Especially Sofia and her Snoopy-ish-ness!!
This blog has gotten lots of comments on here and at my email addy on Uki. She is the hit of my efforts! My beautiful and fun girl!
This is the front of the cube and my favorite picture of the kids. It was on Christmas day and Amal was giving Ali a hug in thanks. They fight so much so that is why I love this!


Jewels said...


You cube is wonderful! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I'm so glad you had fun making that!

Alia said...

Thank you! I loved it and look forward to making more!! I'll be watching for your blog!