Wednesday, March 4, 2009

French Braid Fabric Audition

Here is a close up of the lovely feature fabric that I will be using....I hope!!  Does anyone know which flower this is??  It almost looks Oriental.  Hence, why I think it is Japanese because there is no selvedge.

Here are the fabrics I found today, beautifully Vanna'ed by Peaches (whom only got her backside trimmed and kept her coat; but she did have a bath, first time in three years!) that I am seriously considering for a French Braid quilt class that I signed up for at the end of April.  I am trying to step outside my box, which is still confusing, as I love color and try many things. We are so limited in Oman but it is getting better!  Tell me what you think and check out the French Braid quilts here.

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