Sunday, March 15, 2009

Uki, my assistant!

She is sooooooo cute!  I was working the other night and she surprised me!  I did not even hear her jump up on my table!  She doesn't have any bells on.  Perhaps I should put one on her!  I got such a kick out of seeing her there!
It seems that Uki also likes my favorite tool, That Purple Thang!
This was taken this morning.  I ran out of food for lunch for the kids.  They feasted over the weekend.  Mental note Mom, 'don't buy cool food over the weekend'.  Well, we had guests, so that is ok.  Off to Hardanger this morning and then go grocery shopping. I think I will get to go quilting this afternoon after all as the kids are staying after school!  Hmmm... Ok.  Back to Uki.  I was sewing this morning because I did not have to make lunches and gave the kids some linen (money, African American slang) and had about 20 minutes.  I started walking yesterday morning but did not today and sewed instead!!   Anyway, Uk was intrigued.
Then, bap!  She tried to catch the moving shank.  I have to becareful as I know she could get hurt!  I shooed her off.  Actually, I grabbed her and gave her some Big Momma lovin' but she ran away!  :(  Have a great day!

Edit:  Man oh Man!  I need to clean this machine!  I will tonight!  Didn't realize!


Jackie said...

I'd be so afraid of her getting hurt. She is so cute!

I need to clean my machine. I'm a new quilter though (and didn't sew before) so I need to figure out HOW to clean it first!

Alia said...

Hi there! I know. I stopped sewing when I saw her there and had to man the camera with both hands! I was also and am so scared of hurting her so don't worry! I won't sew with her behind there! Yesterday she was with me behind the machine when I was checking messages and she was chasing the bugs on the window (it was night) and she fell off!! She stayed and played for as long as I kept the light on with the bugs. Gosh, so darn cute!!

Refer to your manual and then possibly take it to where you bought it to learn the parts and how to clean it yourself. Or, find a new quilting friend and have her teach you how. It is important! Thanks for stopping by!

Kath said...

Hi Alia
Welcome to blogland...loving your pics of your cute kitty....I too have a crafter helper...he is called Buddy....I am Nancy's friend from Scotland just popping in to wish you good luck with your blog
Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Alia said...

Wow! Thanks for stopping by! I did not get your addy to check your work out! She came by today for a little bit. We had a lovely day yesterday together. Thanks again!

Karen said...

I love your assistant!

Alia said...

Thank you! She is so much fun!