Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm so nervous!!

Hi. I have my Advanced Quilting Techniques class tomorrow and just fixed or tried to fix the problems I had with my first block. I need to buckle down and make the second block today! Here is a picture of the first block. It is called the Missouri Star from this book. It is always very tricky to take apart anything with so many bias seams but I did and whereas I fixed one problem, the other is still staring at me! Oh well, I will let it go this time...

These are the fabrics for the second block which is a technique to learn how to use curves. We can't cheat such as use applique. We have to piece it. Yikes! Oh, I should mention that the first block's technique was to draft an 8 point star in the center of our paper. It could be any size we wanted as this completed six week project will be a wall hanging.

Here are the fabs that I will be using for the curves which I hope will be the St. Louis Arch.

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