Friday, March 13, 2009

What shall I work on today?

I will be sewing today but don't know what to do!? There are a few projects I want to start that seem they don't take too long to complete the top but I think I should work on one of my unfinished projects!

1.  Binding for Lynne Edward's Reversible Quilt.  I'll work on this tonight while I watch TV.  Love that TV!!

2.  Hmmm... I think I will also work on my Perspective Quilt by Lynne Edward's as well.  I will take photos now to prove to myself and to you all that I actually worked!

Today should be an easy day as Amal is out all day with her friend and Ali will be here with me.

I'm making Scotch Eggs and my Mom's simple salad.  I bought a baton of french bread last night.  That sounds yummy and quick!

See you!!

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