Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm so excited!!!

Selvedges!  A new concept to me.  I have always noticed them but never, NEVER thought about keeping them!  Now, there is a contest to win some from here.  I hope I win!  I never win anything!  Well, that is a lie.  When we were in the Latino church one Sunday in downtown St. Louis, we actually stayed after and my sis was actually home and not in the hospital (had polio). We did a raffle of some sort and I won!  My parents figured it out as my number was between theirs but I did not dare look.  I was about 12.  I remember the feeling of walking up to the Priest and receiving my $20.00!  Man, I was stoked!

Anyhow, I will start collecting my selvedges from now on and where I am still not sure how to cut them all off right away without straightening the edges and all that jazz; I just hope I win this contest!  Should I not, congrats to the three that are the winners!  Hope you have fun fun fun!

Ok.  Back to my Perspective project.  Been hanging out mostly with my boy today.  Need to start cooking soon!  Bye!

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