Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I made a pin cushion and man, what a mess! I love it!!

This is what I started with last night for dinner.  Made a really nice and simple salad!  Let's get busy!
Oh man, this band is too LOOSE!!  I have to undo all this and re-do it.  Ok.  Let's get started...
I had to undo all that channel quilting because it was just too loose!  Man!
Here it is with the shorter/tighter seam allowance and the threads I managed to pull off.
Now it fits snuggly!  Oh, oh, you can see the lip!!  Oh man!!
Ok.  Here is the finished project, finally!  I enjoyed it don't get me wrong!  I'm in a better mood despite my earlier post, see below!  I had to sew this pink stuff by hand as I screwed it up the first time around on the machine!
I think I need more pins and I have to say that my dear friend Jill gave me this fabric years ago and it was just enough.  I want to make her one now!  Oh, the cats are loving me NOT because I'm me but because of the pin cushions!!  HAAHAA.  They smell the tuna!!!! Oh, the tuna cans here in the Middle East must be a different size than standard ones in America.  I will have to adjust the measurements.  Oh oh, I forgot what I did already....


amandajean said...

it sure turned out cute!!!

Alia said...

Thank you! I enjoyed the whole process! It lifted me from my MOOD!