Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lazy Man Lasagna

This is a recipe I got from my friend Ruth.  Amal loved it at a dinner party we went to but Ali was a bit put off by the cheeses.  A few years later and he loves it now.  My photo is not that enticing but trust me, it is lasagna without all the fuss!  If you want the recipe, please let me know and I will write it up.  Funny, I don't think many people stop by!
My 12 year old daughter Amal loves the lemon garlic bread and has always gotten in the kitchen with me to make it so I asked her to make it again and it was lovely.  This is the first time that she made the whole thing and put it in the oven!  Timed it and all!  It was really good.  Thanks for stopping by.

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