Friday, March 13, 2009

The LE's pictures

Ok.  Here is the Reversible.  Such a cool technique.  You can see both sides and that it needs binding.  I'm going to attempt Lynne's interesting binding technique.
Just another view of this quilt.
Obvious to me, the red should be the binding as it is the sashing on both sides but I ran out!  See the little bit left?  Then I remembered that Lynne showed us a cool technique to do a double sided binding and so I found the green and brown of those fabs and am doing that.  Now, where are those notes??
This is the Perspective class.  This class taught us math.  I hate math.  I suck at math but I keep persevering!  It doesn't come easy to me so imagine my joy and relief  that my kids excel in this very necessary 'thing'.  I have two more little blocks and three more big blocks.  I won't get it all done today as I have laundry and grocery shopping and cooking and entertaining Ali now that Amal and her friend have left for the day.  I hope to get two of the little ones done as I have already cut out the freezer paper bits.  Now where is that fabric??  You DON'T want to see my sewing room!  It is my creative chaos of a space in my home!!  See you all later!!

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