Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cool Notion!

Ok! I 'found' this tool in my Hexagon box. I love it when I can SWEAR that I had something but can't find it for my life! So, it has been a few years since I messed with my hexies. I'm now in a group as you all know by now...

Well, first step with the CLOVER 'QUILT DOME' thing is you thread your needle and then knot your thread. Stick it in #10 not #1! You then slide the hanging thread on this groove. Hold it with your fingers, well, this works for me, and then turn the dial. The thread goes under the spikey things and winds inside.

You do that all around and I hope you can see the numbers. I found that when I would take the #1 needle, it tangled. That is why I start winding with #10. Then all the others are wound on top making #1 easier to remove.

It comes with a lid that clicks and I just think it is a great way to set up 10 needles for any kind of sewing project. I originally bought mine for my Hexagons and will continue to use it for them now.

I just wanted to share a side view with you so you could sort of guess how high it is. For space reasons of course!

Thanks for stopping by!


Fleurette said...

That really is a cool notion! Hope the cyclone didnt cause much damage.

Alia said...

Hi Fleurette, having trouble staying connected so hope this goes through!

I hope you can find this notion if so inclined! It is great!

So far, we have not been touched. It is late (12:18am) and I'm off to bed!