Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Dared!

Hi! I decided to go ahead with Clodagh's (cool name) um encouragement (thanks for the comment!) to take apart my previous hexagons. Thanks! I had to throw a bit of it away, I KNOW!! because they were so closely stitched together and I had already taken out the papers so I was stretching them way too much! I'm ok with that. Movin' on.... oh, I got about 30 hexagons out of it!

Now, I REALLY WANT SOME HELP HERE, please! I want to buy myself some small amounts of fabrics for this quilt of a gajillion hexagons on Etsy! However, I don't know how to go about finding them! Can anyone advise me?

There are so many cool and new fabrics out there that we just don't get here in the Middle East and I only get to go home to America every other year. I get soooooooooooooo overwhelmed and I was thinkin' that if I had a game plan, it would not be so overwhelming?

Any sites for information would be really cool. I would really appreciate it!

Now, it stopped raining for now and the beautiful sun has come out and I am dying to get on the road to see what is going on out there. I will take Amal with me and have her take photos for me and hopefully will be posting later on here.

We just had a bit of water seep through our windows but our house is dry again (on the outside) as the sun is fierce on this side of the world!

Uki has been sticking closely to me which is ADORABLE! I'm gonna miss her so much when we go home to the US in a few weeks. Peachy too.

One more thing. We have been without A/C since the rain started. For some reason, the A/C trips the switch and we lose electricity so we decided to go without the A/C to have the net and computers and phones and TV yesterday. In my studio I have a split unit so mine has been working. With it raining; it has cooled down so it is bearable with our ceiling fans. However, when I called maintenance, the man answered the office phone but told me it is a 'holiday' (day off) and they would come tomorrow. I told him more sternly that IT WAS GETTING HOT inside my house and he said he will TRY to get the men over today. We shall see. I'll call his ass at midnight if need be!


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Well done on the salvage job!

Alia what size fabric pieces are you after. If you go to you will see they have the little pack which are ideal for quilting. the charm packs are 5" squares. Also fat quarter world and fabric worm (just google for the main web address).

Alia said...

Oooh, I am so sorry! I spelled your name wrong on my blog! I'll go back and edit!! Thanks for the info! We are booking our tickets tonight if W ever wakes!!

I want a lot so smaller pieces so i can experience a lot of new stuff. I went to Al Khuwair today and they have some new stuff but nothing terribly exciting.

If you like roosters, there is a nice bright yellow with black and white roosters with red beaks.

I did not buy it.

nima said...

Alia, glad that everything is fine there...

hope you can find perfect fabric pieces for your project...