Sunday, June 6, 2010

I went shopping today!...

In my scrap basket that is!

Just look at what I found! I will have it done for this year!

This is my process: I take freezer paper and my acrylic template and start tracing. Oh, how tedius and utterly BORING! I then cut them out with my nice paper scissors and put them in my sandwich baggie for safe keeping!

Then I go to my itty bitty ironing board that I desperately need to make a new cover for (eek!) and lay out my squares. I only have one here. Anyhow, I then iron on the freezer paper template and eyeball a 1/4" seam allowance.

Don't look at my ungroomed finger! I then start with a knot and put it on the outside for easy removal later and begin to tack the fabric down. As you can see here in this picture; I was reusing the templates (the beauty of freezer paper) as I finished the flowers but now I am not going that route anymore!

I then continue sewing the corners down to secure a nice point.

Isn't she cute? She was given to me in a swap I did in 1998.

There is a little bit on my hexie 'process'. Thanks for stopping by. Now, off to cut all those hexies. One thing I must note is that if I iron on the freezer paper; after a while, it seems to loosen. It doesn't matter cuz I can use my sister's iron when I get to America!


QuiltingFitzy said...

Try the site. You can feed your (trimmed to paper-size) freezer paper right into your computer, and it prints out a page hexies to cut apart.

Also, if you don't baste all the way thru all the layers, you never have to remove the basting; you can remove and reuse the freezer paper many times. I wait until the hexie is completely surrounded by other petals before removing the template.

Have fun!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Alia, you know me, not the most patient of gals as I like my instant gratification so those hexies would drive me MAD!!! (yes even madder than what I already ma!!).

Hats of to you my friend ... maybe when you get back if you are still in Hexie mode you can come raid my scrap basket for a bit of variety too!

Alia said...

QuiltingFitzy: Thanks! I will go and look them up!

Clodagh: ok. Instant gratification! I'll be thinking of your words I am sure! i just might take you up on raiding your stash!

I will do one more clean through my lovely orange basket/box and whatever i don't use; i decided to donate!