Saturday, June 12, 2010

What have I been up to?

Hi! My Studio started to flood down on the floor by the window during Cyclone Phet. I freaked and grabbed the closest cloth (you can imagine how much of that there is!) and it was my flannel grid that I lay pieces out on. Anyway, after the sun came up, I went to assess the damage and found Uki sitting next to a Gecko (VERY common here in the Middle East) and she was none the wiser! She would have attacked it! So cute! Notice the tip of the tail is missing on the gecko.

This is a somewhat small project that I have been working on. I love the free motion quilting I did on this! Have been wanting to try this one out for a while!

Oh, my friend DC has made another appearance! DC? My double chin!! Ha. I went to the Ghala Church last Tuesday to help my friend Julia, Director for the Center for Omani Dress project (COD) sell some items. It was a craft fair. We had a table on the stage where the Priest or Minister preaches. Too funny. I'm never one to miss out on a photo op! I edited it and found out how to add text to a picture! OMG! I hope I don't go overboard with that one! Anyhow, it says, "Mom, this one is for you!" as she is a devout Catholic!

Ali and I have been making dolls for my nieces so MANA (short for hermana or sister in Spanish), if you are reading this; NO DEJES QUE LAS NINAS VEAN!!

First, I had to hand sew down the tip of her hair to her face. It buckled when I machine sewed it on and I did not like it.


*picked the pattern
*copied the pattern and cut out the paper templates
*picked out and put together all the fabric combinations
*CUT my fabric up (hard for me to let him but I DID!!)
*and other things....


*Did all the sewing and er hm; adjusting!

Here he is in action stuffing the doll.

Once well stuffed; I got to sew her up!

I'm proud of my sewing job! It looks great!

I was too lazy to change the thread the day that I machine sewed the face on and so Ali was never happy with her nose. He said you could not see it. I said put it closer to your face man and he did not buy it so I had to change it.

I took about a million photos but decided to omit the process. I made two noses and he squawked so I had him draw it and then I sewed it on. SUCCESS! It took me a while to get the white starting and ending knots out of the first nose; but I did and did not ruin the fabric or face! Whew!

So here he is, with his Polly all done! He even gave her a little ribbon with bow on the side. Aww...

Stay tuned for this one! This is being massed produced (by three) yesterday morning from the moment that I woke up! Ali had us in my studio for six hours! It was a sweat shop but we enjoyed each other's company. He had a birthday party from 3-5 and then when I got back from dropping him off; I relaxed and watched a bit of the Opening Ceremonies for the World Cup and then sewed a few hexies and ran off to pick him up! By then, I was tired and wanted to hang out and do my thing. We will finish them today.

Now, this is the last photo on this post but can ANYONE tell me, WHAT THE HECK AN IRONING BOARD HAS A PLUG ATTACHED TO IT FOR? I just don't get it!!??


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

I would not be with out my ironboard with a plug! LOL, it makes it so much easier to put your iron there and plug it in underneath then thread the cord through that long wire stick thing that sticks up and it "glides" over everything with ease. Then I plug the board plug into the socket ;-)

Yay for POLLY, well done Ali, and Mummy too...

Alia said...

ok. you lost me at 'cord'. I need to get ready for W's friends coming over so will mess with it later but thanks a million for explaining it even though I think I squashed a few brain cells as I don't follow....yet!!

Isn't Polly cute?? I told him that the next time; he gets to actually use the sewing machine and try his hand at that! Also the hand sewing! Great bonding for us!