Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting ready to fly out...

Two manicures and pedicures...DONE! Amal is on the left and I am on the right.

I got my hair colored and cut and styled and then pulled it all up in a ponytail!

Amal and I and her friend Shannon and her Mom Julie went to get henna. Ali is here scraping the dried henna off with a plastic spoon and plenty of water!

The is my other hand. I wanted you all to see it with the henna dried on. I chose two colors: the traditional orange-y henna and the more modern black henna. Yes, they put black dye in it.

Darn it! Amal beat me to the bathroom and got herself washed off and cleaned up before I did! I should have pulled rank! Isn't it lovely?

She had to choose the ugly part of the bathroom floor to snap her leg! Anyway, isn't it pretty!?

Wow, you can really see the two colors. It REALLY shows up on my VERY white skin!

Here I am washing off some of it myself as Ali did most of it!

Here is my big ole leg! This style of henna is called 'Emirati'. The design hails from the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is one of the seven of them! Can you name the others?

Ahhh, I had my lunch and was chillin' and admiring my henna.

This should be taken outside in the light. It is just to freaking hot to do so! I love her orange skirt!

Here are Momma and Daughter legs.

Just want to share a little bit of my husband's culture. Henna is a big thing in the Gulf states (Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar), and my daughter and I wanted to celebrate going to America with it; and to say Au Revoir to all my followers and anyone whom stumbles and reads this far! I am officially turning off my computer and our journey begins in a few hours. It will take more than 24 hours to get to my sister's house so I shall turn on my computer on the 22nd!!

Thank you, just in case you are wishing my kids and I a safe trip!

MOM, DAD here we come!!!!!



Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

Beautiful henna designs Alia :)

And yes i do wish you a wonderful trip its so lovely to be with your family..have a GREAT one

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

well by now you are up up and away. Wishing you a safe, wonderful and very BORING journey home. Have a wonderful summer and I'll see you when you hit the dust again this side. Hugs to amal and ali too.

nima said...

Lovely henna...I missed your post because i was travelling...Glad that you reached home safely...

RosaMaría said...

me encanta el henna! siempre he querido hacerme un tatto, pero nunca lo he hecho...
el quilt es maravilloso!

Alia said...

Nima: Thanks Nima. We are now in St. Louis with my best friend from college. I got sick with a fever and diarrhea but am better now.

RosaMaria: Gracias! El henna se va con tiempo. Es mejor que los tatoos yo creo! Si vas donde puedes comprar comida Musulmana o Indio/Hindu; podras encontrar henna. Preguntale a la persona trabajando en la tienda y te dira donde podras consiguir una mujer que te lo pone! No se donde vives pero he viajado bastante y es igual.

Destiny Afsa said...

hey Asalaam
how do you get the henna to be two toned?