Friday, June 18, 2010

Hexagons ready for America! I need more!!!

I went through my scrap bag a while ago and found these little squares that are BARELY big enough for my 1.5" hexies. They are left over from my watercolor quilt. They are so pretty so you know that I had to use them! The other fabrics are scraps that I really like and wanted to use.

I don't think that I will be taking my little pink box as it certainly will be cumbersome to carry around. However, that said, it is strong enough to protect my stuff. Anyway, here are my things: A box; a needle threader for my poor eyes; scissors with the protective thing; a sandwich baggie for my plastic template that I am using and a bunch of freezer paper templates; the ready to go hexies to be stitched; 10 threaded needles ready to go; a thimble and thread.

Here is my latest stack. I hope to trace and cut out more freezer paper templates before I leave. My sister is not a quilter so I really am on my own and don't want to buy freezer paper there so I think I will tear some off the roll and fold it nicely and pack it just in case!

I'm a bit sad. I just found out that my best friend in St. Louis will be traveling and we don't get to go with her so we will only see her for 10 of the 22 days we will be there. Oh well, I'll still make it work. I know the city well and have other friends to call and visit! Still....

Thanks for stopping by.