Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Amal's Summer Quilt - She doesn't like it!!??

A friend came by on Saturday to look at my books for Baby quilts as she is getting ready to be a grandmother for the first time! She ended staying with what she already had which is great! It was a nice visit and it encouraged me to get out my round hand quilting frame that I bought at Michaels years ago and and and to put a quilt in it. It is a quilt that is on my sidebar as an unfinished doo-dad. Anyway, I put ASQ in it as it still needs to be hand quilted and I started it while I was living in Saudi Arabia and preggers with Ali. He's 11.5!!

She doesn't like it! I do. Hmmm. It has Warm and Natural batting in it which is hotter than heck. For us here in the Middle East or for us here in this house; it is too hot. So, even in the coldest part of the winter; I think it will be too heavy and hot but hey, let's find out huh?

Anyway, wanted to share something new and different today with you all! I will be taking it out of the frame now that I have found the thread and got all set up as my HEXIES are my love right now!

Thanks for stopping by!

PS. Don't you love the tail shot of Uki? She gets amorous at times and I was trying to snap this while she was on my lap! Such a cutie!

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