Monday, May 31, 2010

I joined my first "_____-a-long"!!!!

I'm so excited! I joined my first thingy!! A Hexagon Charm Quilt group a long thingy!!?? Get it together girl!

Melanie over at Texasfreckles is hosting it with an ENORMOUS amount of HELPFUL information! I had started this bad boy project eons ago. Did I already talk about it in my previous post??? Hmmm...

I'm so excited! I was going to start on a Hardanger summer project but I will continue to work on this one when I travel to the United States! I can't wait to see my Mami and Papi (Spanish for Mom and Dad). It has been two years since I have seen my daddy and he suffered weight gain and Shingles. Nasty that is. My Mom came over to the Middle East a year ago November 2009. Wow. I miss them. My sister too. Her kids too. AMERICA too!

edited to say: Hexagon Charm Quilt PIECE a long! Got it!


Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

you left me such nice comments, but I couldn't respond to them! Send me your email so I can respond! ;-)
love the hex's!

Alia said...

Hi Victoria! I have since added a button for my email!! Not sure if I like it but it is there now!

However, I'll send it to you now as well.

Thanks for the love on the hexies!!