Monday, May 3, 2010

Stack n Whack is next!

Hi. I am just so wired this morning! I don't wanna jump on the treadmill until later tonight though! I am so happy to finally have the 'green light' for my summer trip to America! HOME!! I can't wait to set foot on her. I miss my parents so much and my dad just recovered from a bad case of Shingles. I saw his blisters on Skype!? 8(

I am also so stoked that I have three new followers!! Thanks Ladies and welcome to my world! I hope to 'meet' you soon on my comments box!

I started working on my Stack n Whack. A bit of a bummer there is that I signed up for the Muscat Quilt Guild's challenge but only like nine of us signed up so the Board decided to cancel. Still, I have a fire up my *&(^, so I will be working on it. Shall I show a sneak peak?

Uki wanted some lovin' while I was trying to take shots. I love this picture!!

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