Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Banner

Here is the banner that I made for this particular event but it will work for all of our birthdays! It was fun and although I struggled a little bit with this tutorial; I used it. I used all scraps except for the binding. I don't have a binding machine and it completely sucked that it took me hours of reading the internet before I could find something I could use. Go here. This woman is amazing!

Give me an 'H'!

Give me an 'a'!

Give me a 'p'!

Give me another 'p'!

Give me a 'y'!

This is the spacer!

Give me a 'B'!

Gimme an 'i'!

Gimme an 'r'!

Gimme a 't'!

Gimme an 'h'!

Like I don't have stuff to do tonight!?

Give me a 'd'!

Gimme an 'a'!

Give me a 'y'!

Give me Uki any day!! She decided to 'help' me as I was photographing each letter. She loved the binding. Her back claws are going to town here!

Nice action shot here if I do say so myself!

Honestly, I don't know if this was the first photo or the last. I took a ton!

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