Monday, May 10, 2010

Book Cover FOR ME!!

Today I posted on my Facebook page that I wasn't going to sew. Well, I did. I spent a great deal of my morning working on this project! This is the first time that I have used selvedges and I turned it into my very own Book Cover! I have made soooo many for other people!!

This is the front cover.

I made the inside sleeve with the selvedges too.

The back cover as well. Do the selvedges used count if they don't have any printing on them on cute little dots??

I think my trademark is that I always use RED ribbon for my bookmarks.

This is just a shot of the inside of the sleeve. The inside of the book cover is all purple fabric. You can't see it as I have my book in there. This could be reversible. Maybe I will take pictures tomorrow of it and add it on. Would you like to see it? The only downfall there would be that my label in only printed on one side. Hmm...easily fixed on the next printing!

Thanks for stopping by. I have posted three separate entries tonight. I have one more but will do that tomorrow or in the morning.


Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

Looks really pretty and must have been quite a job to do but turned out just great!

I love the bookmark you made for me :)

nima said...

wow..that looks beautiful

Alia said...

Thanks ladies! It was really hard at first as I had to teach myself to do this!! I can't wait to use up my other selvedges on other projects!

I think your bookmark was fabric that matched, right? I have since ordered a boat load of tape to use!

a.niza said...

although i've seen a lot of selvages projects on blogs, I never spare mine. Your book cover is so cool!

Alia said...

Thank you a.niza!! Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment! I so thrive on these!